2020 Season.

2020. where can I start? can I write about it?

Well, I’m not going to write about the physical and mental struggles of every single person on this planet. but I will talk about how the somewhat athletic season has gone for us throwers at Team Kennet.

Winter training 2019/2020 was all gun blazing, Working harder and harder, each and every session. everything seemed to be going super well, and everyone was looking to really be full of energy and commitment, driving towards the new 2020 season.

Lockdown & First competitions

The first lockdown was out of know were, but like everything, you think to yourself it won’t last long, and after 1 month of training from home and having to come up with more creative ways of training, we were allowed to do 1:1 sessions, but to play it safe we opted out of this. but after 1 month of it, we could finally get back out and do some real training. but with the world wide situation still going on, competitions were still a no go situations. so we planned our own little competition, a friendly competition, under moderate competition rules, but the standard, event rules, etc.

it was about having fun, along with attempting to take it seriously, we did a few of these, but towards the last few peoples motivation was draining, as there weren’t any actual competitions to compete in. but then our first competition was announced. and preparations were happening. Lee Valley, the first competition in the 2020 season. the London Inter-Club Challenge. and what a way to start the season, Liam and Ben were at the ready. Ben opened with a big 73m and Liam after a hard start to the season snapping his Achilles and having to go through an emergency operation. and then to have rehab. and then to compete. something I never thought was going to happen. opened his season with a throw of 55m, amazing!

Witnessing that competition was an honor. to see to lads that have worked extremely hard, both in different ways. have gone out there when eyes are on them and preformed and gave everything.

More competitions

but luckily that wasn’t the only competition. 5 days later would see us back at lee valley for another competition, Ben and Liams 2nd competition and Pheobe’s first.

Pheobe at first look worried about her first competition of 2020 but as soon as she was on that runway. she didn’t look at all out of place, opening her season with a throw of 42m a really good opener to a really hard winter training.

Fast forward a little and we had some more competition. this time both of them would be at Portsmouth, this is where I come in. I’ve been out of properly competing for 4 years, admittedly in and out of a few competitions throughout the years but never properly training or competition. but I have been strengthening and planning to get back to competing full time. this sport inst just my hobby it turned into my life. every single day I’m doing/thinking something athletic related. so after doing a throwing session with Pheobe and having a really good session. so I decided “let’s give it a go again” and I’m loving it. maybe allowing my body to relax and recover was the best thing for it, Portsmouth competition #1 was my first competition. and enjoy it I did. the distance wasn’t what id of loved but hey! it was a blast.

I thew 55m but again loved every moment of that competition, Liam threw 56m, Ben 68m, and Phoebe 40m. I personally enjoyed coaching and competing myself. but the season wasn’t over, we had a few weeks of training and preparation, ready for the last and final competition of 2020 back at Portsmouth. and every single one of us was going for it. even new to the team, James Fenner who opened with season with 37.50 along with making him number 1 in the UK for u13 Javelin.

Liam Finished his amazing season with a throw of 57m, following him closely behind was Me! with a throw of 56m Pheobe has a really good season finisher with a throw of 42m, and Ben finishing it with a throw of 66m.

2020 Season over

Overall even so the 2020 season has been hard for all athletes of all sports. 2020 wasn’t so bad for us javelin throwers at team Kennet, I honestly am over the moon with how everyone I coach took the hardship of the lockdowns and then went out there and gave it everything they have.

Its truly amazing. and i couldn’t be more proud.

as for me. 2021 is my goal. and ill do everything I can to do my best and compete at what I love. 2020 has been hard but as long as we all work together we can get through this.