Lockdown #3

Well. Its happening again.

Full lock-down again for the UK, so all training has be cancelled, for all sports other than elite football “stars”, so for all of us athletes in the UK, its back to the same old difficult sessions and lack of motivation.

The first 2 lockdowns have been hard enough, and now for an even harder one, the competitions would start in March/April, but with lack of training and preparation, I doubt any of us will be competing, myself, ill be looking to recommend to not competing straight away, have had time to prepare for competitions after the lockdown. because I know what will happen, soon as we have the all-clear to compete, clubs will strike on athletes and rush them into competitions, and if there is one thing I have learned over my career, rushing is not good.

Training at home is difficult at the moment, to make a session from using what you have, in my case is just some odd weights, a yoga mat, and a treadmill, Yes it is something but still takes me time to get into a session, but I figure, once you start warming up, after 10-15minutes you will get into a session, motivation is hard but not impossible, if you want to workout you will.

Hopefully 2021 will work out.